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William Hatch

I am looking forward to hosting the Dog Portrait by Will Hatch as a part of the International Trick Dog Competition to raise funds to support the International Search and Rescue Dogs Organisation.


First, let me introduce myself.

I am a graduate of animation and game art, based in Worcester UK. I have been drawing for over 14 years now!


My passion for nature and wildlife stems from my photography days exploring parts of the country with my beagle, Bertie. I aspire to create stories, whether it's taking animals and breathing character into them or creating original works from my own imagination.


Animals exude different personality traits and behaviors we all can find joyous, even if some of them tend to create a mess in our homes haha.


These past 4 years I've been drawing hundreds of people's pets, from dogs to horses, even guinea pigs!

Alongside illustrating animals, I am producing a graphic novel titled STEM, hopefully coming out later in the year!


Hope to be seeing some of your furry friends someday too! 

Here I would also like to share with you some recent examples of my work.

You can see more of my drawings and stay in touch via:

 my Instagram:

and Facebook pages:

Group Commission (7).jpg
2 Dog Artwork 2.jpg
Bear and Cub.jpg
Dance in the winds.jpg
Down time.jpg
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